About Us

Born out of a passion for decorative objects and a love of jewellery, AMAX ACCESSORIES offers beautiful jewellery to women worldwide.

What we Are?

AMAX ACCESSORIES is an international luxury Fine & Contemporary jewellery brand based in Pakistan, with designs that are inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean. The jewellery showcases a sense of understated glamour and playful elegance, while offering versatile, high quality, everyday luxury to women worldwide. Our jewellery is created from precious metals, gemstones, pearls, diamonds that are sourced internationally and cut to our own specifications.

Our Vision

Our Collections are easily wearable from day to night and created with the vision to be part of your daily ritual. Women wear jewellery differently these days – They want something they can just put on in the morning and go about their day in — our jewellery looks fantastic whether you wear it with jeans, a fabulous dress, or a chic suit.


The name AMAX means hand in hand with the inspired effect we want out of our pieces. Jewellery that makes you feel good, really good, like vacation good: happy, carefree, relaxed and of course, high glamour and sophistication, with a touch of playfulness.

Our Misssion!

“We look at the current and past direction of trends in every sector — fashion, architecture, design, nature, really everything around us, and try to apply them to create a classical, discreet elegance, in our pieces. Stylish jewellery suited for all-day, everyday wear, and most importantly, jewellery that can show a woman’s individuality.”

What can we do for you ?